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Switch Kit
Moving over to Red River Credit Union is easier than ever!

We want to make your move to Red River Credit Union as easy as possible. With this Hassle-Free Switch Kit, you have the tools to make it happen. You won’t even need to visit your old financial institution!

We have lined out an easy, 5-step process so you can jump into the river with us today. Our expert team is here to guide you through the quick and easy process of closing your existing accounts and transferring your automatic deposits and withdrawals, all in one convenient visit. We will also assist you in selecting the perfect account products to fit your needs. At Red River Credit Union, you’re not a customer, you’re a member-owner.

  1. VISIT - your local Red River Credit Union (RRCU) branch and meet one of our friendly, knowledgeable Member Service Representatives (MSRs) to select and open your new RRCU account today!
  2. STOP - actively using the account you want to close. You should stop writing checks, initiating payments, and using your Debit/ATM card to allow for all transactions to clear and a final balance to be determined and moved over.
  3. SWITCH - your Direct Deposit(s) to your new RRCU account. Notify your employer and other sources of deposit you are switching your account with the enclosed Direct Deposit Request Form. Make as many copies as you need.
  4. CHANGE - your automatic payments. Transfer any payment (such as utility bills and loan payments) to your new RRCU account with the enclosed Checklist for Automatic Online Payments and Automatic Payment Authorization Form. Make as many copies as you need.
  5. CLOSE - your old account. Once all items have cleared your other account, it is time to instruct your former financial institution to close the account using the enclosed Account Closure Request Form, attached for your convenience.


RRCU Switch Kit:

Switch Kit Package

Individual Forms:

Direct Deposit Request Form

Checklist for Automatic Online Payments

Automatic Payment Authorization Form

Account Closure Request Form

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