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  • Connecting to Quicken

    Click here for Connect to Quicken instructions

  • Getting Started

    Please review the options below to see what solution is right for you. Please note that Online Banking access requires that you first have a Membership account with us.

    • If you are not yet a member of Red River Credit Union, please open a membership account with us by clicking here prior to continuing.
    • If you are an existing member who has previously enrolled in Online Banking, please login by clicking here.
    • If you are an existing member who has not yet enrolled in Online Banking, please enroll by clicking here. For step by step help, please read on below. If you have any questions, you can contact our Phone Center at 903-735-3000 or Contact Us.
  • I Forgot My Password

    The Forgot Password link is located within the Login box on our website.

    1. Enter your Online Banking Login ID and click “Reset Password.” Please note, if you changed your username from your member number, you’ll need to use that username here.
      reset password
    2. For security reasons, you will be asked to enter a Security Access Code (SAC). Please click on one of the contact options displayed on the screen to receive your code.
      a. Please do not close this screen until you have received and entered the code.
      b. Please note that one code you will receive is only good for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you will need to request a new code.
      access code page
    3. Type in your secure access code and hit “Submit.”
      sac entry page
    4. Type in your new password and click “Submit.”
    5. Success! You will now be taken into your Online Banking Homepage.
      online home
  • I Have Missing Memberships/Accounts

    With our new Online Banking you’re able to see all of your accounts through one single login! If you’re missing memberships or accounts start here:

    1. Log into your Online Banking Account.
    2. Navigate to your “Settings” tab and choose “Account Preferences.”
      account preferences
    3. Scroll through your list of accounts. If you see the account you are missing, click on your account, and turn the Visibility to “Visible”. If you do not see your missing accounts, please call our phone center at 903-735-3000 or contact us.
      add accounts
  • Enrolling Into Online Banking

    CLICK HERE to enroll for online banking for the first time.

  • Ensuring Your Browser's Cookies & History are properly setup

    Ensuring your browser’s cookies & history are properly setup Please note that if you have registered the browser and the system continues asking you for the Secure Access Code, it is possible that your browser is not setup properly.
    Note that browser registration will not work if your browser is configured to automatically clear cookies when you close it. To check and setup your browser’s configuration, please see below.

    What is a Browser Cookie?


    • Cookies do not act maliciously on computer systems. They are merely text files that can be deleted at any time.
    • They cannot be used to spread viruses and they cannot access your hard drive.
    • They cannot read your hard drive to find out information about you.
    • They do help secure your browsing session and customize your experience on websites.

    How to setup Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

    1. Navigate to the gear icon at the top-right and click Internet options

    2. In the General tab, uncheck Delete browsing history on exit

    3. Click OK to complete this operation
      internet options

    How to setup Mozilla Firefox

    1. Navigate to the three bar icon at the top-right and click on Options

    2. In the left panel, click on Privacy

    3. Under the History section, click the drop-down menu and choose Remember history to complete this procedure.

    How to setup Google Chrome

    Please note you will need to do 2 sets of changes for Google Chrome (Set A & B):
    Set A

    1. Navigate on the three bar icon at the top-right, and click on Settings

    2. Scroll to the bottom and click Show advanced settings...

    3. Under the Privacy section, click the Content settings… button

    4. In the Cookies section, click Allow local data to be set to complete this setup

    5. Then click Done at the bottom.

    Set B

    1. Navigate on the three bar icon at the top-right, and click on Settings

    2. Scroll to the bottom and click Show advanced settings...

    3. Under Network section, click on Open Proxy Settings…

    4. Go to the General Tab and un-check Delete browsing history on exit

    5. Then click Apply at bottom.

    6. Then click Ok at bottom.

    How to setup Safari 4.0

    1. Click on the "Cog" icon in Safari.
    2. Click "Preferences"

    3. Change to the "Security" tab.
    4. Select "Only from sites I visit" or "Allow".

    5. Close the dialog box using the cross "X" button at the top of the window.

    How to setup Safari 9.0

    1. Open Safari

    2. Click on Safari and go to Preferences

    3. Click on Privacy

    4. Cookies and Website Data: Allow from websites I visit
  • Downloading Our Mobile App

    Apple: To download the free mobile app, visit the Apple Store from your ios, search for "Red River Credit Union" and you'll see the Red River Credit Union Mobile Banking app Android: To download the free app, Android members can visit Google Play, and search for "Red River Credit Union" to download the Red River Federal Credit Union Mobile BAnking app.
    apple_app_2 apple_app_1


  • Ensuring your browser is compatible

    Red River Credit Union recommends having the latest version of your browser running on the most current version of your operating system. The following is a list of supported browsers:

    The following is a list of supported devices, software, and accessories:

    • Android: 5.0+
    • Apple: iOS 9+
    • Internet Connectivity: 3G+ or Wi-Fi
    • Camera Resolution (for Check Deposit): 2.0MP+
  • Enable Touch ID On Your Phone

    1. Download the RRFCU app by going to your app store. Our app is the teal and white app shown below,
    2. Once you have the app downloaded, type in your Login ID, and your online banking password.
    3. Your phone will prompt you to enroll in the feature.
    4. You are now enrolled and will be able to use Face ID while logging into your app. Please note, you will need to update the password on your app as you update it through online banking.

Lending Options To Meet Your Financial Needs

Not signed up for Online Banking? CLICK HERE, call us at 903-735-3000 / 800-822-3317, or visit a local branch to get started.