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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Red River Employees Federal Credit Union - MyCard Creation Program

These Terms and Conditions for the Red River Employees Federal Credit Union (RREFCU”) MyCard Creation Program (Terms) are separate from and in addition to those found in the Cardholder Agreement. MyCard Creation is available to existing RREFCU Visa Debit/ATM Cardholders. Cardholders must be at least 18 years of age to participate in MyCard Creation. Business/Business-purpose accounts/cards, Varsity Club accounts/cards, and Representative Payee accounts/cards are not eligible. By submitting an image to be considered for use on your Debit/ATM Card, each cardholder (you) agrees to the following Terms.

By submitting an image of your choice, you give RREFCU permission to use the image on the Card and agree to indemnify, defend and hold RREFCU harmless from and against any damages, loss, costs, expenses (including court costs and attorney’s fees) incurred by or asserted against RREFCU caused directly or indirectly by the use of the image and this service.

RREFCU reserves the right to add to or modify these Terms and to terminate the MyCard Creation Program or card issued to you, at any time, in its sole discretion.

RREFCU reserves the right to reject any image submitted, in our sole and absolute discretion. You may not submit images that are unacceptable, including, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Trademarks, copyrighted materials, company names, logos, slogans, brands of any third party or any material that could infringe on copyright or trademark names.
  • Celebrities, actors, musicians, professional athletes, politicians or public figures of any kind (the only exception to this is permission-based photos of you, your family members, or friends photographed with a famous person).
  • Cartoon characters or artwork that you have not created and/or do not have permission from the copyright owners to use.
  • People conducting or involving themselves in criminal or illegal activities or otherwise inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to any gang-related content.
  • Racial, political, religious or socially insensitive material.
  • Provocative, lewd or sexual content, including nude or semi-nude images.
  • Obscene, indecent or offensive material, including profanity or any other obscenities.
  • Phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, personalized ID numbers or web addresses.
  • Images that may interfere with the acceptance of the Card or the security features.
  • Any negative images that do not reflect positively on Red River Employees Federal Credit Union.

Images that do not meet the above guidelines will be rejected, and you will be notified by mail. You may then submit another image. RREFCU reserves the right to exclude anyone from future use of the program that submits or continually submits images in violation of these guidelines.

Additionally, images submitted for Debit/ATM Cards within two months (60 days) of expiration will be rejected. Submissions associated with a membership not in good standing with RREFCU may be delayed or rejected.

A custom image on your card does not imply any additional security and, when appropriate, you should expect to show photo ID if requested. If you lose your card or believe the card has been stolen, contact RREFCU’s Call Center, during regular business hours, at 903-735-3000 or 800-822-3317; or, dial RO$EY, our audio response system, at 903-793-3400 or 800-833-1528, choose Option 3 after your member sign-on for “Other Activities”, then Option 3 to block the card. After business hours, weekends, or holidays, call the Fraud Protection Center at 800-472-3272, select Option 2.


The fee to upload an image is $10 per card. The fee will be deducted from the checking account associated with the Debit/ATM Card. If you do not have enough funds to cover the fee(s), your MyCard Creation request will not be processed.

You agree to destroy your old card once you receive your new MyCard Creation card and hold RREFCU harmless from any loss as a result of NOT doing so.

Renewals/Reissued Cards

Debit/ATM Card renewals and in-branch instant issued cards will be reissued with RREFCU standard card stock. Should you wish to upload the same image or a different image following your renewal or reissuance you will be charged a $10 fee.


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